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What’s new.


What’s new.

July 16, 2024

Introducing Text Effects — your message, now in motion. Animate characters, words, lines, and even elements. With a realtime preview, designing unique effects has never been easier. Pick one of our presets, or craft your own effects with properties like Scale, Blur, Offset, and more. Animate your content on Appear, or use the Layer In View or Section In View triggers for even more control. Be sure to watch the video to learn how to add your first Text Effect.

  • Animate characters, words, lines, and elements

  • Pick one of our built-in presets to start in seconds

  • Customize properties like Blur, Scale, 3D, and more

  • Craft your own animations by fine-tuning Transition

  • Trigger on Appear, Layer in View, or Section in View

This update brings several enhancements and bug fixes to the CMS. Firstly, it introduces support for blockquotes in rich text fields, allowing full flexibility when styling them on the canvas. Additionally, automatic anchor tags for rich text headings have been added, making it effortless to share URLs for specific sections of your content. A new image style property enables you to style images when you drag & drop them into rich text fields. In the CMS view, you can now add field dividers to better organize CMS detail pages, with optional titles and descriptions for each divider. The max length option has been updated to display a character count as you type, helping you stay within the required length. Lastly, the sorting of items has been improved making it a persistent preference. Here’s the full list of improvements.

  • Added support for blockquotes in the CMS rich text field

  • Added automatic anchor tags for rich text content

  • Added image styles for pictures dropped inline

  • Added the ability to set which layer repeats the CMS content

  • Added field dividers to better organize CMS detail pages

  • Added a character count indicator for fields with a max length

  • Added Previous and Next buttons in CMS detail views

  • Added a New Item button empty state for empty collections

  • Improved the way rich text properties are displayed in the canvas

  • Improved the sorting labels to be A → Z, 1 → 9, Newest → Oldest

  • Improved the way sorting works, making it persistent

  • Improved the way duplicate URLs are resolved

  • Improved the controls for the image filter option

June 27, 2024

The June update brings over 20 additions, improvements, and bug fixes. It introduces the Text Balance property, which lets the browser visually balance your headings for you. Plus, you can now sort your Pages and Folders alphabetically, animate between solid colors and gradients, reset Stack order from a Breakpoint, make Text layers auto-sized with the ⇧A shortcut, and more. Watch the video above to learn more, and see all changes below.

  • Added the Balance property to Text layers

  • Added support for color and gradient animations

  • Added support for Text Stroke animations in Variants

  • Added all Stack layout options to layers with min-sizing

  • Added ability to sort Pages and Folders alphabetically

  • Added a new auto-sizing shortcut for Text layers: ⇧A

  • Added all compositing properties to gradient Masks

  • Added a new Component errors to the publishing sheet

  • Added ability to disconnect Google Account via Settings

  • Improved naming between Tap and Click in interactions

  • Improved property focus and blur states of dropdowns

  • Improved the default min size of grids from 200 → 50

  • Fixed bug causing double Home pages

  • Fixed Text Strokes not working with Styles

  • Fixed Preview shortcuts working on Canvas

  • Fixed rotation input not working on Shapes

  • Fixed 3D rotation input not resetting 2D properly

  • Fixed Color Variables breaking animations in Variants

  • Fixed the ul tag breaking padding of Collection Lists

  • Fixed the Transition row showing accidentally in Variants

  • Fixed letter spacing not working properly on Form Inputs

  • Fixed Form submissions breaking for non-latin characters

June 20, 2024

We’re incredibly excited to introduce Forms. Enjoy 10+ input types and a uniquely freeform editing experience. Design your own inputs, focus states, checked states, loading states, success states, and so much more. Send your data via email, connect to Google Sheets, or set-up your own custom Webhook. Forms in Framer are secure too, with spam protection, rate limiting, and a fallback email. We think you’ll love it. Learn more about Forms here.

  • 4 Input Categories: Text, Checkboxes, Radio Groups, and Select Controls

  • 8 Text Types: Text, Text Area, Email, Number, Phone, URL, Date, and Time

  • Design your own Inputs, complete with custom Focus and Checked states

  • Freeform experience with infinite layouts, including editable Text Labels

  • Reusable via Components, complete with Variant and Variable support

  • Connected with customizable emails, Google Sheets, and Webhooks

  • Customize the email content, like Recipient, Name, Subject, and Body

  • Safe and secure with Spam Protection, Rate Limiting and Fallbacks

  • Redirect on Submit, show an Overlay, or update the Button or Form

  • Customizable input icons out of the box, with great Framer defaults

  • Create high-fidelity motion-based input interactions using Variants

  • Design your own Invalid states and write your own error messaging

  • Refreshed all standalone Input components available within Insert

June 12, 2024

30% Faster Loading
30% Faster Loading
30% Faster Loading

Today we’re introducing performance improvements to project loading. When opening your projects today you might see a little modal asking you to optimize your project. This is safe, and we won’t touch your layers or content. It will make your projects up 30% faster to load. Framer used to do some heavy computation when loading projects, mainly computing hashes for SVG graphics, so we knew which ones were unique. With this new update we can now skip these, resulting in a big speed-up. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

June 6, 2024

Today we’re introducing CMS Pagination, supporting both Infinite Scrolling and a manual Load More button. To add Pagination, simply select your Collection List, click on Pagination, select one of the two options, then pick how many items to load. Pagination also works with existing Limits and Start Offsets. Both the Spinner and Button are completely customizable, and you can pick any Variant for their Loading states. The Spinner itself is just a layer with a conic gradient and a Loop Effect, so you get full control. Adding Pagination helps make your blogs and changelogs much faster to load, especially when they contain dozens of items.

  • Infinite Scrolling with custom Spinner component

  • Load More Button with custom Button component

  • Enjoy freeform positioning of both components

  • Design your own Loading and Hidden states

  • Make your CMS Pages much faster to load