Membership Sites

Membership sites with FramerAuth

Please be aware that this is a third-party integration. To utilize these services, you may need a separate subscription obtained directly from the creators of the integration. Kindly remember, these integrations are not covered by Framer’s Terms of Service. Any required support will be provided by the integration creators.

Disclaimer: FramerAuth is not an official Framer product and requires an additional subscription purchased with the creators of Framer Auth.

Exciting news for Framer website creators! A third-party tool, Framer Auth, now enables you to add authentication features to your site. This means you can create exclusive member-only areas, offering sign-up, sign-in, and password recovery functionalities. It's a fantastic way to build a premium, gated content experience for your audience.

Creating a Member-Only Experience

Imagine building a Patreon-like website where users must become supporters to access exclusive content. Using Framer Auth, you can set up a seamless process where users sign up for a free trial, receive a license key, and upon purchase, activate their account. This process not only ensures secure access but also enhances user engagement with your content.

Setting Up FramerAuth

  • Initial Setup: After receiving an email invitation from Framer Auth, you start by naming your website and linking it to your Framer project.

  • Integration with Lemon Squeezy: To monetize your content, integrate with Lemon Squeezy, enabling you to set up payment options and manage subscriptions.

  • API Key Configuration: Ensure you're in the correct mode (test or live) when adding your Lemon Squeezy API key for a successful connection.

Product and Subscription Setup

  • Creating Products: In Lemon Squeezy, set up products with variants like annual or monthly subscriptions, including free trials and license keys.

  • Publishing Products: Once your product variants are set up, publish them and sync with Framer Auth for seamless user experience.

Implementing Framer Components

  • Adding Components: Utilize components like the sign-up form, sign-in form, and password reset form. Customize these components to match your site's design and functional requirements.

  • Using Overrides: Apply overrides for additional functionality like auto-filling license keys or conditional display based on user status (logged in/out).

Locking and Managing Content

  • Locking Pages: Easily lock pages in Framer to restrict access to members only. You can customize access based on different subscription plans.

  • User Account Management: Add features like managing subscriptions, displaying user names, and email addresses for a personalized touch.

Finalizing and Testing

  • Testing User Flow: It's crucial to test the entire user journey from signing up, accessing content, managing accounts, to ensuring all locked content is appropriately gated.

  • Customization and Personalization: Fine-tune your site's look and feel, ensuring it aligns with your brand while providing a smooth user experience.

Incorporating Framer Auth into your Framer site opens up a world of possibilities for creating exclusive, member-only content. Whether it's for educational material, digital products, or community-based content, the tools at your disposal are powerful and user-friendly. Remember, the Framer community is always here to support you. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out!